The Rise Of Digital Innovations For Commerce And Payments

Rise Of Digital Innovation In Commerce, Payments

PadSplit connects renters and properties via the platform model to lower the cost of renting while providing homeowners with income. In retail logistics, eBay has expanded its integration with UPS to add new functions for selling and shipping. And the use of cash is dwindling amid a shift to digital payments, while Apple will reportedly roll out four new 5G phone models in October. All this, Today in Data.



85K: Number of drop-off locations for eBay customers that will be added through an integration with UPS.

50%: Relative share of U.S. renters who spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent.

26%: Portion of all U.S. consumer payments that are made with cash.

$10M: Amount PadSplit raised in a Series A funding round led by Core Innovation Capital.

1.5B: Total installed base of iPhones as of January of this year.