Behavioral Analytics

Is Better Fraud and Risk Prevention Without the Annoying Lag Time Even Possible?  

In the “Behavioral Analytics Tracker®,” Featurespace’s Roger Lester tells PYMNTS how his company leverages AI-powered behavioral analytics to imperceptibly monitor both good and unusual user activity against a baseline of normal customer functions for any signs of scams or deviation.

Inside the August Tracker
  • An interview with Roger Lester, account director at Featurespace, on how behavioral analytics is changing the fraud prevention landscape for good
  • The latest worldwide behavioral analytics headlines, including why 75% of customers are likely to abandon a transaction due to a subpar digital experience and how shifting to pre-submit data could reduce false positives and customer friction
  • An in-depth analysis of common friction points in the customer journey and how behavioral analytics can identify and fix them while providing ironclad security