Fifth Third Bank Sees Instant Payments as Competitive Play to Win Businesses Businesses angling for a competitive advantage are clamoring for instant payment options for everything from managing payroll to paying vendors. In the Disbursements Tracker, a PYMNTS and Ingo Money collaboration, Fifth Third Bank’s Bridgit Chayt discusses how instant payments keep businesses on the cutting edge of innovation and allow them to share the speed with their customers.
Inside the October Tracker
  • An interview with Bridgit Chayt, senior vice president and head of wholesale payments at Fifth Third Bank, on how the FI meets its business customers’ needs for instant payments
  • The latest disbursement developments, including why 40 percent of consumers say their financial needs can be better fulfilled by non-bank lenders and why 90 percent of businesses expect to accelerate their payments within the next three years
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how the implementation of instant payments can help smaller banks compete with larger FIs