Unattended Retail

Unattended Retail
Payroc and Ingenico Unveil Unattended Payment Device for Self-Service Market
August 31, 2023

Global payments company Payroc has partnered with Ingenico, a point-of-sale payment service provider, to introduce the Ingenico Self/3000, an unattended payment device aimed at meeting growing demand in the self-service market. The Self/3000 is specifically designed for self-service settings and can be integrated into various businesses operating in vending, car...

Unattended Retail
Merchants Tap Open Banking to Expand In-Store Payment Options Amid Self-Checkout Boom
March 05, 2023

From self-checkout lanes and kiosks to fully autonomous stores, unattended retail is gaining momentum around the world. With this retail experience, merchants are able to accommodate a broad range of customer preferences while cutting back on labor costs and serving more customers in a shorter...

Unattended Retail
Cardknox Integrates ID TECH Self-Service Terminals for Unattended Retail Improvements
January 26, 2022

Omnichannel payment gateway Cardknox on Wednesday (Jan. 26) integrated with ID TECH’s VP6300 and the VP6800 self-service payment terminals to broaden its support of unattended retail, the companies announced in a joint press release. “With the growing demand for cashless and contactless payment options, self-service...

Unattended Retail
Aldi Launches London Pilot of Cashierless Supermarket
January 19, 2022

Aldi is piloting its first cashierless supermarkets open to the public in Greenwich, London, on Wednesday (Jan. 19) following a successful trial of the technology by Aldi’s employees over the past few months. The U.K.’s fifth-largest supermarket, Aldi’s new concept store, Aldi Shop&Go, enables customers...

Unattended Retail
Grocers Tap Self-Service to Save Labor Across Supply Chain
December 21, 2021

In the face of today’s labor challenges, grocers are increasingly embracing self-service technologies to maximize efficiency every step of the way. Take Ahold Delhaize’s subsidiary The GIANT Company, for instance, which announced on Thursday (Dec. 16) that it is adding a small-format store equipped with...

Unattended Retail
It’s a Very Vending Machine Christmas as PYMNTS Dispenses Gift Advice
December 17, 2021

Does unattended retail use Santa’s elves as labor at any point — and, if so, do they get regular candy cane breaks? Don’t laugh. It isn’t widely known, but the movie “Elf” started out as a documentary about conditions at a mystery polar “workshop” cloaked...

Unattended Retail
80% of Modern Shoppers Prefer Self-Service Kiosks for Faster Checkout
October 22, 2021

As much as the pandemic and societal circumstances have brought about an array of changes in the way we shop and transact, consumers themselves are also playing a driving role in redefining and reshaping the retail industry. That means embracing a series of digitally enabled...

Unattended Retail
Necessity Is the Mother of Innovation in UK’s Vending Machine Sector
October 05, 2021

The well-known proverb — necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case, “innovation” — has been the North Star guiding businesses as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. And for European retailer Selecta Group, whose business depended on vending machines located in places like...

Unattended Retail
Robot Baristas Invade Singapore Subway Stations To Keep Commuters Caffeinated
August 20, 2021

Singapore’s train stations are being taken over by robots. Robot baristas, specifically. Transit retail and advertising solutions company Stellar Lifestyle and food and beverage-focused Internet of Things (IoT) startup Crown Digital announced this week that they are partnering to bring ELLA, a robot that can...