Vista Bancshares to Acquire Charis Holdings and Bank

Vista Bank, Charis Holdings, acquisitions

Two Texas banks are coming together to bring new capabilities and services to their clients.

Vista Bancshares, the holding company for Vista Bank, said in a Monday (Jan. 30) press release that it plans to acquire Charis Holdings and its subsidiary, Charis Bank. Vista Bank serves north, central and west Texas markets, and the deal will add Charis Bank’s north Texas locations and its assets.

Vista Bank President and CEO John D. Steinmetz said in the release that banking is a “people business” and that it’s important for companies that are coming together to have cultures that fit together.

“That said, in the next 10 years I believe you’ll see increased bank consolidation in Texas because of the rising cost of technology, innovation, competition from FinTechs and shadow banks, as well as the ongoing regulatory environment,” Steinmetz said in the release. “We want to be the bank that boards around the state look to in order to create value for their shareholders.”

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Subject to customary closing conditions, the planned acquisition of Charis by Vista is expected to close in the second quarter. It has been approved by the boards of directors of both companies, and Charis Bank is to merge into Vista Bank, according to the press release.

Charis President and CEO Ben Rathjen said that the planned acquisition will bring benefits to stakeholders and communities and will contribute to the growth of Vista Bank.

“As a century-old company, we sought to partner with Vista Bank because their history and operating philosophy mirrors our own while allowing us to bring new financial capabilities and services to our loyal clients and the markets we serve,” Rathjen said in the release.