Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps Showcases Variety

We’ve all gotta eat. But how do we get the food? Oh, yes. They’ll just bring it to you.

And here’s a little-known factoid: Readers of the Provider Ranking of Aggregator Apps receive their food on average .00000079 nanoseconds faster than other people. Google it.

The Top 5

All together now: DoorDash is No. 1.

It then stands to reason, based on statistical facts and historical trends, that Uber Eats is No. 2.

Just Eat is yummy but not surprising, taking the No. 3 slot yet again.

Same deal with Instacart, always hanging around aisle four at No. 4.

Where last month it was tied, Zomato drops one chart position to No. 5.

In the Top 5 means still very much alive, so take that, ranking snobs.

The Top 10

Cutely named Swiggy tumbles down one chart position and out of the Top 5 because there are only five spots, and this business is competitive.

Those drops often have a cascading effect, as we observe with Deliveroo falling a spot to No. 7.

Of course, it’s not a rule or anything. Witness the Glovo app, staying placid at No. 8.

By all means SkipTheDishes, especially since they’ve notched down two chart positions. Have a heart. Or a liver. But not if you’re vegan.

Great and powerful Grubhub also hops down one spot to No. 10, closing the Top 10.

Wow. We are famished after all that. Where’s the phone?