iPhone 8 Rumored For Sept. 12 Debut

As the planned debut of the upcoming Apple iOS smartphone iPhone 8 grows closer, sources are beginning to whisper about when the new smartphone will be introduced — and what other news announcements Apple may have up its sleeve.

The latest reports suggest the company is planning to stage its launch event on Sept. 12, with blogger Mac4Ever noting the date was revealed by carriers which have been asked to ensure their inventories and marketing systems are prepared for the new product rollout by that date.

Members of the press are expecting to receive invitations to Apple’s latest launch event by next week, but Apple has neither confirmed nor denied whether the event will take place on the rumored date. However, those who have been invited to Apple events in the past have projected the event is likely to take place either Sept. 6 or 12, 9to5Mac reports.

When Apple does host its annual event, the technology firm is expected to debut its new iPhone 8, although it’s possible it won’t ship the phones until later. Consumers are likely to be able to pre-order the new phone the week of Apple’s event, but 9to5Mac suggests the iPhone 8 may not actually launch until October or later because of limits to the supply. Previous reports have suggested the upcoming iPhone 8 with OLED display would first be issued in extremely limited quantities.

The iPhone 8 isn’t the only new product Apple fans are expecting. The company is also projected to be releasing new versions of the iPhone 7, as well as the third-generation of the Apple Watch and an update to Apple TV featuring 4K, 9to5Mac reports.

In addition, rumors have surfaced suggesting Apple may eliminate its Touch ID system — which allows a user to unlock his or her iPhones simply by touching a fingerprint to an area below the screen — as it rolls out other new features.