Elon Musk’s Stark Prediction: AI Will Render All Jobs Obsolete

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., recently had a conversation with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about the risks and future implications of artificial intelligence (AI). Musk predicted that AI would eventually render all jobs obsolete, stating that it is the most disruptive force in history.

Musk believes that there will come a point where AI is smarter than the smartest human and can do everything, according to reporting from the Financial Times, and spoke of a time when “you can have a job if you want a job . . . but AI will be able to do everything”. While Sunak expressed discomfort at this idea, Musk emphasized that work gives people meaning and purpose in their lives.

Musk has been a long-time advocate for AI regulation and has warned about the potential dangers it poses to humanity. He believes that there is a non-zero chance of AI being a force for bad. However, he also sees the positive potential of AI, such as its ability to serve as a tutor and facilitate the equitable distribution of resources.

The conversation between Musk and Sunak took place after the UK’s AI Safety Summit, where world leaders and tech executives discussed the risks and regulation of AI. Musk praised Sunak for including China in the summit, emphasizing the importance of their participation in global AI safety commitments.

Musk’s views on AI align with his involvement in the field. He was a founding co-chair of OpenAI and has recently launched his own AI company called xAI. Musk’s comments about job obsolescence and the need for government intervention in AI regulation reflect his deep understanding and experience in the industry.

The discussion between Musk and Sunak highlights the ongoing debate and exploration of AI’s impact on society and the workforce.

The U.S. continues to explore legislation and regulation, as Vice President Kamala Harris attended the Global AI Summit and outlined new proposals to govern AI.

Among the initiatives is the United States AI Safety Institute (AISI), a Department of Commerce program that will develop the technical guidelines used by regulators.

The White House says these guidelines will help design rules for issues like “authenticating content created by humans, watermarking AI-generated content, identifying and mitigating against harmful algorithmic discrimination, ensuring transparency, and enabling adoption of privacy-preserving AI.”

The news comes two days after President Joe Biden signed an executive order designed to promote safe AI development.