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Adobe Continues Rollout of GenAI Features Across Product Lines

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Adobe is continuing to roll out generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) features across its digital media, digital experience, and publishing and advertising product lines.

The company saw strong demand for these features across all customer segments in the first quarter and will add new AI solutions in the coming months, Adobe executives said Thursday (March 14) during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

“We are delivering on our strategy to unleash creativity for all, accelerate document productivity and power digital businesses,” Shantanu Narayen, Adobe chair and CEO, said during the call. “Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud are more critical than ever to the success of creators, communicators, students, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes — with AI serving as an accelerant for all.”

The company added GenAI features to its Photoshop, Illustrator and Express products, both desktop and mobile. Its Firefly creative generative AI model, which was introduced in 2023, has helped users generate more than 6.5 billion images, vectors, designs and text effects.

“Early adopters like IBM are putting Firefly at the center of their content creation processes,” David Wadhwani, president, digital media business at Adobe, said during the call. “IBM used Adobe Firefly to generate 200 campaign assets and over 1,000 marketing variations in moments rather than months.”

Adobe has also added its AI Assistant to Acrobat and Reader to help users make the most of PDF files. In these applications, the company’s AI Assistant uses GenAI to generate summaries and answer questions about legal contracts, invoices, personal school forms and any other PDFs, Wadhwani said.

“We’re pleased with the initial response to the English language beta and look forward to usage ramping across our customer base as we release other languages later in the year,” Wadhwani said. “We will monetize this functionality through a monthly add-on offering to the hundreds of millions of Reader users as well as the Acrobat install base, across individuals, teams and enterprises.”

In its Experience Cloud business, which includes marketing and commerce applications, Adobe offers a GenAI solution called GenStudio that helps marketers plan, create, store, deliver and measure marketing content, Anil Chakravarthy, president, digital business experience at Adobe, said during the call.

Upcoming product launches will see Adobe add more generative AI tools to its Experience Cloud, with its AI Assistant for customer experience management set to be demonstrated at the Adobe Summit, March 25-27.

“The success we are already seeing with our GenStudio offering in the enterprise is validation of our leadership and we expect that success to translate into other segments as we roll out these solutions throughout the year,” Narayen said.