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GoDaddy Adds AI-Powered Solution That Generates Email, Website Content

GoDaddy has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) solution aimed at helping small businesses save time and grow their online presence.

The new GoDaddy Airo platform uses generative AI technology to create logos, websites, email campaigns and social media content in a matter of seconds, the web hosting company said in a Monday (Feb. 26) press release.

Small business owners can save over $4,000 and 300 hours of work using generative AI, according to the release. However, only 26% of business owners use AI for their business needs.

With GoDaddy Airo, the process is made simple and efficient, providing intuitive solutions for small businesses looking to establish themselves online, the release said.

“Generative AI is the great equalizer for small businesses,” GoDaddy President Gourav Pani said in the release. “Technology and capabilities usually reserved for large companies with thousands of employees are now at the fingertips of anyone looking to start or grow their business.”

GoDaddy Airo can help new businesses by generating unique logo designs, building websites with customized content, setting up professional email accounts, and creating product descriptions for online stores, according to the release.

For existing businesses looking to expand, GoDaddy Airo provides plans and recommendations for email marketing campaigns, social media posts and online advertising, the release said.

Brick-and-mortar businesses will also be able to benefit from GoDaddy Airo, per the release. Capabilities are now in beta for creating product catalogs and generating real-time sales insights.

“Because it’s AI-powered, GoDaddy Airo is constantly evolving and improving to make sure small businesses are benefitting from the latest technology,” Pani said in the release.

In another recent development, GoDaddy said in October that it partnered with Paze, an online payment solution developed by Early Warning Services, to integrate Paze into GoDaddy’s Online Store and GoDaddy Payments.

In May, GoDaddy teamed up with Microsoft to let small businesses accept customer payments during Microsoft Teams meetings. Syncing a GoDaddy Payments account with Microsoft Teams’ payments app is “ideal” for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that offer real-time, service-based operations, the companies said when announcing this integration.