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Rodo Launches AI-Powered Vehicle Search Tool

Rodo has launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered vehicle search tool that is designed to change the way people discover cars online.

Available online or in the Rodo mobile app, the tool provides personalized results and competitive pricing instantly, creating a seamless and intuitive platform for users, the automotive technology company said in a Tuesday (Feb. 20) press release.

Rodo CEO Nathan Hecht said in the release that traditional online car shopping experiences have been cumbersome and overwhelming for customers. While some tools incorporate AI, they often bombard users with text-based questions.

Rodo’s new platform, on the other hand, mirrors the in-store interaction between a customer and a salesperson, Hecht said. It delivers fast and direct results, showcasing vehicles tailored to the consumer with aggressive pricing, including rebates and incentives available for same-day delivery.

By addressing specific queries from customers, such as finding the best deal for a large family vehicle, the platform’s AI technology provides immediate results with all relevant discounts factored into a monthly price, Rodo Chief Technology Officer Alex Casanova said in the release.

The user-friendly interface of the AI-driven tool presents the perfect vehicle in response to a single query, making it a smarter and faster way for customers to find their desired vehicles, the release said.

AI can remove friction in the automotive shopping journey, if implemented properly, Steven Silver, managing director, Automotive, Transportation & Mobility for Publicis Sapient and Publicis Group, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in January.

“AI-enabled recommendation engines can notify a customer (if they are looking for a specific vehicle) that it will be available at a certain location at a certain time,” Silver said. “Offers can be tailored for a specific persona, such as the car enthusiast looking for a fully loaded vehicle. As AI gets smarter, it will get even better at customizing offers and communications.”

In another recent product launch in this space, Copilot said in November that it debuted a car buying app powered by an AI assistant. This offering lets consumers search for and receive AI-curated, ranked recommendations with detailed analysis on which car is the best fit for them, based on their preferences and location.