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Comdata Adds Pay-as-You-Go Feature to Card for Truck Fleets

Comdata has added a “pay-as-you-go” funding feature to its Connect Card for truck fleets.

This feature allows users to pay with their credit or debit card or bank account, while still receiving fuel discounts and rewards, the FLEETCOR company and provider of commercial payment solutions said in a Tuesday (Feb. 20) press release.

“Our new, pay-as-you-go functionality delivers a seamless transaction that charges linked accounts at the time of a fuel purchase — no need to worry about preloading funds; no need to remember when your invoice is due. It is all automatic,” Eric Dowdell, president of Comdata/North America Trucking, said in the release.

To deploy the pay-as-you-go feature, the user links an existing credit or debit card to their Connect Card, according to the release.

At the fuel pump, the cardholder swipes the Connect Card to get the cash card plus additional cents off, the release said. The funds are drawn from the linked card at the point of purchase.

With this solution, the user receives both the fuel savings and the rewards or points offered by the linked card, per the release.

The Connect Card with pay-as-you-go funding offers users savings at major truck stops, without having to use special fuel codes; the ability to get started right away; and the benefits of security, fraud alerts and detailed reporting, according to the release.

“This is a game-changer for trucking fleets,” Dowdell said in the release. “The Comdata Connect Card already delivers the best discounts and controls in the marketplace, while allowing users to earn rewards from their linked credit/debit cards.”

The Comdata Connect Card is not available in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oklahoma or Washington, D.C., per the release.

Comdata launched the Connect Card in November to allow fleet owners to enjoy both the benefits of a fuel card and the rewards of their existing credit card. It is part of a range of commercial payment solutions for the trucking industry offered by the company.

In April, Comdata partnered with Transflo to create an app-based fuel payment solution for the freight industry. The Transflo Wallet enables freight brokers to send digital fuel advances to carriers and drivers.