Amazon Adds Favorites and Shortcuts to Alexa App
December 01, 2023

Amazon has unveiled a redesigned Alexa app, offering users an enhanced experience in managing their smart home devices. The updated app has new customization options and prioritizes frequently used smart home controls and Alexa features, Amazon said in a Friday (Dec. 1) press release. One...

Amazon to Get Less Alexa Skill Development Revenue Next Year
December 15, 2021

Amazon on Tuesday (Dec. 14) announced that it will cut its commission from 30% to 20% on smart speakers and other Alexa-powered devices for skill developers who earn less than $1 million in revenue through Skill purchases, in-skill purchases and skill subscriptions. The change will take...

Alexa Together Service Debuts, Calling on Advances in Remote Connected Eldercare
December 07, 2021

The Alexa speaker turned seven about a month ago — old enough in internet years for Amazon to launch its Alexa Together service, which connects seniors and caregivers, on Tuesday (Dec. 7). First announced during Amazon’s fall hardware event in September, Amazon Together replaces the...

Blue Apron Offers Hands-Free Meal Prep Instruction via Alexa
December 02, 2021

“Alexa: I need the recipe for Creamy Pesto Chicken & Orzo” could soon be heard in homes with active Blue Apron meal kit and recipe subscriptions and Amazon’s virtual assistant, according to a Thursday (Dec. 2) press release. Pairing Blue Apron recipes with Alexa aims...

Amazon’s Alexa Will Serve as Answering Service With Verizon Phones
November 16, 2021

Voice command telephone calls have been available in cars for decades, but a new tie-up between Amazon and Verizon looks to bring that practice indoors to consumers’ homes.   By simply asking Alexa to dial or answer calls through smart speakers, Verizon customers can now outsource another trivial task to their omnipresent...

Growing Stable of Voice-Activated Hardware Keeps Consumers Calling Alexa — and Amazon
September 07, 2021

In a classic Amazonian fashion, the stable of Alexa-linked services, commands and devices just keeps growing, supported by a burgeoning stable of purpose-built hardware. From Echo speakers, to displays, earbuds, eyeglass frames, the Ring video doorbell and more, Amazon’s sprawl within the segment of consumer electronics is approaching ubiquity. In fact, when announcing its second-quarter results, Amazon reported...

Amazon To Unveil New Alexa App With Custom Home Screen
July 27, 2020

Amazon is launching a revamped Alexa app that will now include a customized homescreen based on what each individual user does the most on the app, CNBC reported. The update is intended to roll out by the end of August on Apple‘s iPhone and tablets...

Alexa Now Voice-Activated In Its Mobile App
July 07, 2020

Amazon is making it possible to use its Alexa device hands-free, allowing users to access music, control smart home devices, make lists and more without touching their phones, TechCrunch reported. The new update will do away with the old method of having to tap a...

Alexa’s Expanding Ecosystem
January 08, 2020

When Alexa was first introduced in November 2014, it didn’t look much like the next big thing in user interfaces. There wasn’t very much like it in the market at the time — both in terms of design and function — and there was little...