QSR & Mobile

QSR & Mobile
NEW STUDY: What Innovative Restaurants Are Doing Right Now
April 25, 2018

Quick Serve Restaurants have mastered making food and drinks, but they are nowhere close to mastering how customers want to be served these days. The latest Restaurant Readiness Index survey shows QSRs should be focusing on digital services to boost the customer experience — and...

QSR & Mobile
Turning 15 Minutes Into Big Dollars At The Bar
May 11, 2017

While an evening at a bar or a nightclub is always a fun time — until the next morning, that is — paying for the drinks consumed during said night out is almost never a good time. And it can be a real bummer if one happens to...

QSR & Mobile
Why Mobile Order Ahead Isn’t About Payments
April 03, 2017

Allow me to tell you a little story about mobile order ahead in the QSR space. Two aspiring entrepreneurs, between gigs, began kicking around a few new ideas for a business. Food was a segment they thought was a natural to explore, for the obvious...

Loyalty & Rewards
SEQR Turns Media Into A New Sales Channel
December 17, 2014

Just as online shopping is overtaking the need for physical stores, could an entirely new sales channel become the “next big thing”? SEQR, a mobile wallet provided by global mobile payments company Seamless, has introduced Shop Spot, according to a recent company release. Shop Spot...

Apple To Get Rebates From Issuers on Fees
September 05, 2014

Apple has reportedly negotiated deals with several leading issuers to extend card present rates to Apple for all transactions involving their cards with Apple’s new mobile payments scheme. On top of that concession, they have agreed to give Apple back part of the card present...

Company Spotlight
MasterCard’s View on the Mobile Commerce Game-Changers
April 10, 2014

In Part Two of this exclusive series, MasterCard’s Chief Emerging Payments Officer, Ed McLaughlin gives Karen Webster the view from his perch on who’s doing the most game-changing stuff in mobile, which represent the biggest opportunity of all and where the “white spaces” are that...

Alternative Finances
What MasterCard Sees in Mobile
April 03, 2014

Chief Emerging Products Officer for MasterCard, Ed McLaughlin, and Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster sat down recently to discuss the “state of mobile commerce” and the forces that are driving both change and innovation as part of The PYMNTS.com Mobile Commerce Insider Series digital...

Company Spotlight
For QSR Customers, Saving Time Is Top Concern
September 19, 2013

As consumers, we’ve come to expect the best, fastest and most personalized service, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The latest Harris Interactive data reveals that consumers are increasingly inclined to frequent restaurants that create this kind of customer-first experience. More Americans – 64...

Company Spotlight
How mPOS Ignites New Revenue Opportunities
August 12, 2013

What can mobile devices do to improve the top line at QSRs? Plenty. From shortening wait times to powering new lines of business to serving as back up technology, mobile devices – and the enabling platforms that power them – are opening a new world of options...