Reports of Cheating Increases as Computer Science Goes Mainstream
June 01, 2017

Plagiarism has made its way from traditional journalism-related courses to computer science programs across the country. But instead of copying papers and reports, students are ripping each other’s computer code off and claiming it as their own. A recently published article by The New York...

A Startup To Save Retail’s Supply Chain Soul
December 30, 2015

If there’s anything that retail should learn from the now-deposed king of social media outrage Martin Shkreli, it’s that consumers always have a line they don’t want businesses to cross. For Shkreli, raising the price of life-saving medications should have been a no-brainer if he...

Consumer Finance
What Does The ‘Pink Tax’ Say About Retail’s Quest For Profit?
December 29, 2015

Shakespeare famously wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” but that poetic sentiment doesn’t quite translate when it comes to dissimilar prices on similar products. For the most part, customers don’t want to feel like superficial differences to a product,...

Delivery Delays Claim Christmas Casualties
December 28, 2015

Just about every retailer entered the 2015 holiday shopping season beating their chests with increasingly ambitious shipping options for hard-to-please consumers. This year may go down as one where shoppers finally developed an expectation for same-day and express delivery, and such a dramatic change didn’t...

Beacon Adoption — Misguided Or Just Misunderstood?
December 24, 2015

Beacons are often touted as the next evolution of retail marketing for in-store merchants, but there’s been a conspicuous lack of observable progress among mainstream brands, as well as a troubling lack of supporting interest from shoppers. For an industry that’s become adjusted to fast-moving...

Consumer Insights
Hotels Are Renting Millennials An Experience, Not A Room
December 23, 2015

Hotels are in the business of giving consumers what they want. However, as one generation of consumers is replaced by another, it stands to reason that a new set of travel and lodging preferences comes to the forefront as well. Now that millennials are quickly...

Gamers Vs. Hackers — For The Holidays
December 22, 2015

Microsoft and Sony could be in for a bummer of a Christmas if a hacking collective makes good on its promise to shut down the companies’ respective Xbox One and PSN gaming networks. A group did so last year, and customers feeling twice burned might...

December 21, 2015

What’s in a brand name? Perhaps not much… unless it’s got the word “tobacco” in it, in which case that’s very, very bad in terms of public perception. Some of the biggest T-word companies in the world have found a way to (continue to) profit...

Consumer Insights
Can Millennial Influencers Save Hoverboards From Crashing And Burning?
December 16, 2015

To the casual observer, it would seem like hoverboards’ moment in the sun is finally starting to end. When the gadgets burst onto the scene in the summer, it seemed like nothing could stop the six to 12 miles per hour of momentum the little...