Startup Roundup

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: The Power Of Relationships
July 31, 2018

Business is often about cultivating relationships – and partnering with the right people at the right time – while offering the right product for a particular market. This month, startups such as Tipalti have brought on three partners to extend value to its clients, while startups...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: A Look At Local, National And Global Expansions
July 03, 2018

In the life of a startup, there’s no better news than growth, be it across new verticals, devices or geographies. As startups such as DadeSystems, FitPay and Jewel Paymentech expand across devices and functions, Tipalti, AvidXchange and Emailage announce new growth for their local, national...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: Letting The Machines Do Their Thing
May 31, 2018

Robots aren’t going to take over every human job, but they are certainly changing what types of jobs humans need to do, as well as how those jobs get done. The future won’t be “man versus machine” (or, as science fiction has taught many to...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: New Innovations In Bloom
May 01, 2018

Sometimes, being a startup is about fixing the problem no one else will fix. Other times, it’s about improving on existing solutions to make something even better. Here’s what’s been happening in the startup world this month. Tipalti Following the receipt of its NetSuite certification,...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: The Storm Before The Calm
March 29, 2018

Being a startup means constant chaos. Hopefully controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless. Yet it’s an exciting time in any company’s lifecycle, and entrepreneurs seem to enjoy the ride, somehow thriving on the whirlwind of activity. “All my startup friends have been telling me to expect...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: A Is For Automation
February 28, 2018

The whole point of startups is to do things differently than mainstream players, and that is exactly what these companies are doing with automation, interoperability and digital currency initiatives. Why should organizations say “yes” to purchase order matching and “no” to cryptocurrencies? Why bother making...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: Changing The Name Of The Game
January 31, 2018

January is a month of New Year’s resolutions for the masses, and it was no different for these startups, many of which have launched or announced new ventures and expansions in the new year. From fraud to fitness tracking, from cross-border to cryptocurrencies and from...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: Greeting 2018 With Open Arms
December 29, 2017

Life gets crazy around the holidays, and it was no different for these startups. Fraud prevention and risk assessment company Emailage backed up retailers in the fight against holiday fraud; wearable wallet firm FitPay announced a major partnership that will support the international rollout of...

Startup Roundup
Startup Roundup: Toward Payments Peace On Earth
December 04, 2017

The world seems to spin faster at the holidays. Weeks and hours whirl away, and there always seems to be something going on. This time of year has been no different for these seven startups, all of which have launched new products and features, fielded...