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February's Feature Articles



Our Next Alternative Currency: Cash?

Alternative currencies were initially considered to be anything other than locally accepted paper and coin tender. By the 1980s, credit cards became a standard payment mechanism and consumer credit a currency in and of itself. In the economy of 2011, electronic currencies are so mainstream that their classification as alternative is questionable. Read More


Nudging from Debt: The Role of Behavioral Economics in Regulation

This article suggests that the problem here is not occasional anecdotal departures from a regularity of excessive optimism. The problem here is that the general truth is not simple and perhaps not even excessively optimistic. Until we know more about why consumers decide to borrow in this market, we cannot sensibly intervene to stop them from doing so. Read More


Securing Mobile Money to Deliver on the Promise

The awareness, investment and momentum of mobile money is building. The early part of most new implementations will still take longer than we want to scale, but growth after the tipping point will be much faster than expected. This makes the possibility of banking for all a real possibility. Read More


Protecting Branchless Banking Consumers: Policy Objectives and Regulatory Options

As with conventionally delivered financial services, consumers using branchless banking services face challenges as well as benefits. Transformational branchless banking heightens the concerns of regulators, because it combines the use of agents and technology-enabled devices to serve large numbers of inexperienced customers. Read More


Mobile at the Point of Commerce Convergence

A number of significant platform industries are converging on a common opportunity – to create and grow consumer commerce. Payments capabilities underpin this convergent trend. Yet increasingly, the power in the world of payments is shifting to commerce enablers and generators, who are highly present in consumers’ daily lives, and with whose platforms consumers are engaged. Read More


Introduction to Canada

As the world has struggled to regain its footing in the midst of the current financial crisis, Canada's economy seems to be recovering faster than others. Not only did its recovery begin quickly in comparison, it also appears it will have little long-term impact on its citizens. Read More

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