Melissa Offers Free Verification Solutions To Essential Businesses


Melissa, a California identity verification solution firm, has offered to provide free address authentication services to companies working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an announcement on Monday (April 20), Melissa said the complementary service is available to retail delivery companies, grocers and prepared food delivery providers for six months.

“Restaurants, grocery stores and essential goods retailers have stepped up their game to meet demand, quickly learning that location and address are not necessarily the same thing,” said Melissa Vice President of Sales and Strategy Bud Walker in a statement. “Smarter address technologies are required, empowering firms to complete delivery of essentials without a hitch.”

Melissa said address confirmation is crucial to getting essential services into the hands of customers.

A company spokesman did not immediately respond to a question about the cash value of the service.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Melissa said essential businesses realize how crucial address accuracy is to make deliveries and get products to homes amid shelter-in-place orders.

Last month, Melissa published the “World Encyclopedia of Address Formats,” which it called a comprehensive guide to international mailing. The manual provides instructions for firms to format an address according to the rules of each nation. The paperback is available on Amazon for $29.

“The address is the foundation of data-driven success,” said Melissa’s president and CEO Ray Melissa in a statement. “Addresses are not only essential for communication and order fulfillment; an accurate address can lead to important location analytics, fraud prevention initiatives, enhanced customer journeys and increased brand value. The address has a direct impact on much of a business’ success.”

Founded in 1985, Melissa said it has more than 10,000 clients around the world in the retail, education, healthcare, insurance, finance and government sectors. The company provides ID verification and data quality software that includes data matching, enhancement and validation.



The pressure on banks to modernize their payments capabilities to support initiatives such as ISO 20022 and instant/real time payments has been exacerbated by the emergence of COVID-19 and the compelling need to quickly scale operations due to the rapid growth of contactless payments, and subsequent increase in digitization. Given this new normal, the need for agility and optimization across the payments processing value chain is imperative.