Melissa Unveils ‘World Encyclopedia’ To Ensure Address Accuracy

Melissa Unveils Resource For Address Accuracy

In an attempt to offer expert address accuracy and management insight to companies of varying sizes and budgets, global intelligence solutions provider Melissa has released its “World Encyclopedia of Address Formats.” A comprehensive guide to international mailing, the publication is available through the company’s website or on Amazon, according to an announcement. 

The company specializes in creating products designed for address and customer contact data accuracy through parsing, rule sets and proprietary address engines. Melissa has teamed with the United States Postal Service and postal organizations including Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, Canada Post and Universal Postal Union, among others.

Melissa’s President, Founder and CEO Ray Melissa said, per the announcement, “The address is the foundation of data-driven success. Addresses are not only essential for communication and order fulfillment; an accurate address can lead to important location analytics, fraud prevention initiatives, enhanced customer journeys and increased brand value. The address has a direct impact on much of a business’ success.”

The encyclopedia provides step-by-step instructions to enable firms to format an address according to the rules of each nation, which streamlines shipments or input of address data. According to the publication’s page on Amazon, readers “will find over 240 address formats from around the world, preferred in-country language info [and] a full ISO-3166 Country Code chart.”

Melissa has focused on global intelligence solutions since 1985. It provides more than 10,000 clients around the world – in industries like retail, healthcare, education, finance, insurance and government – with ID verification and data quality software, including data matching, enhancement and validation services.