Starlights Taps Zero Hash to Let Customers Buy and Sell Crypto


Financial operating system Starlight has turned to Zero Hash to help its customers trade cryptocurrencies.

Starlight, which markets itself to web3 teams, announced the partnership with the B2B2C crypto infrastructure platform in a news release Thursday (Feb. 9).

The company has embedded Zero Hash’s platform into its system to help corporate customers who “are digitally native, but new to web3,” buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

“Our mission is to make crypto accessible for companies of all stages and industries. To realize this vision we need stable, trusted and innovative partners,” Starlight CEO Grey Nguyen said in the release.

“Zero Hash’s low code, API platform and complete end-to-end solution of custody, liquidity and settlement, will enable us to focus on removing obstacles for web3 teams – from on-and-off-ramping their currency to managing their funds to staying compliant.”

Last year saw Zero Hash embark on a wave of partnerships with other FinTechs. In October alone, PYMNTS reported on team-ups between the company and Eco, Current, Blockdaemon and Nium.

In that last collaboration, Nium joined forces with Zero Hash to allow Nium’s U.S. customers to buy and sell crypto and leverage crypto-to-fiat payment solutions, PYMNTS reported.

“Crypto is undoubtedly playing a significant role in the B2B space with businesses actively seeking new ways to differentiate their core offerings,” Joaquín Ayuso de Paúl, head of Nium Crypto and Web3, said in a news release.

“By incorporating products like crypto invest and pay with crypto, businesses can create new revenue streams to stay ahead of their competition.”

This latest partnership comes as the crypto industry is at a crossroads, as Chainalysis Chief Product Officer Pratima Arora wrote in the PYMNTS eBook, “2023 Payments New Year’s Resolutions,” excerpted here Thursday.

Though last year was a tough one for the field, Arora says she still sees promise in cryptocurrencies as the future of payments.

“Because crypto will reinvent the exchange of value in the same way the internet reinvented the exchange of information,” writes Arora. “And like with the early internet, some companies will fail, and some will succeed. The maturation of the industry will take time.”

Arora added that with proper data, tools, guidance, and partnerships, the industry can hold businesses and people accountable and protect consumers.

“No other sector of the crypto ecosystem embodies transparency more than DeFi, where all transactions are visible and the code behind protocols is in the open for all to see,” she said.

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