Digital Pharmacies Popular as Boomers Embrace Access to Prescription Medications On the Go

Gone are the days when obtaining prescription medications meant navigating long queues at brick-and-mortar drugstores.

Today, a wave of healthcare solutions such as digital pharmacies is reshaping the way consumers access and manage medications, bringing unprecedented convenience, accessibility, and efficiency to the process.

As further evidence of the growing trend, Alto Pharmacy, a full-service digital pharmacy, and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, on Monday (Oct. 16) announced an expansion of its services to offer hundreds of low-cost medications for delivery and pickup to customers in the metros where Alto has pharmacy locations.

Through this partnership, Team Cuban Card users can now order their medications conveniently through Alto’s website or patient app. Patients will have the option to choose courier delivery for their medications at the Team Cuban Card price, with the addition of a delivery fee. Alto’s local courier team will ensure safe and contact-free delivery of medications to patients’ doorsteps within flexible delivery windows, the press release noted.

Commenting on the news, Dr. Alex Oshmyansky, co-founder and CEO of Cost Plus Drug said, “consumers who want the convenience of delivery with the speed of local fulfillment now have another great option with Alto’s local courier delivery with their Team Cuban Card prices.”

This partnership aligns with the growing preference among consumers to access pharmacy benefits and discounts through digital platforms.

As detailed in a PYMNTS Intelligence-Lynx report titled The Digital Platform Promise: What Baby Boomers and Seniors Want From Digital Healthcare Platforms report, consumers are embracing digital channels for their healthcare needs, with nearly two-thirds of baby boomers and seniors participating in a digital healthcare activity in the last year.

Additionally, a significant share of consumers showed some interest in using these platforms, with 9 in 10 preferring to conduct key healthcare activities through them.

For instance, consumers would strongly prefer using unified digital healthcare platforms to conduct specific prescription-related tasks, with baby boomers and seniors, in particular, showing stronger interest than their younger counterparts in several categories.

This includes the 90% of baby boomers and seniors who said they would prefer to refill prescriptions through digital platforms, and the 87% who said they would prefer to use the platforms to permit doctors to send prescriptions.

The data further reveals that nearly 80% of consumers at least slightly interested in using unified digital healthcare platforms would prefer access to an online pharmacy via platforms, another indication that the future of accessing and managing medications is increasingly intertwined with digital solutions.

And looking ahead, there is little doubt that the convenience, accessibility, and efficiency brought by digital pharmacies will continue to transform the way consumers manage medications, making healthcare more accessible and patient-centric than ever before.