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Data Shows Digital Healthcare Platforms Get High Marks From Boomers

All-in-One Healthcare Platforms Keep Boomers Happy

Traditional healthcare systems are plagued by inefficiencies and opaque pricing structures, leaving consumers often feeling lost and frustrated.

“Navigating a friction-filled healthcare system, not to mention the complexities of insurance coverage, can often be overwhelming, particularly for baby boomers and seniors who typically have greater and more frequent healthcare needs than their younger counterparts,” PYMNTS wrote in October.

For older consumers often facing more complex healthcare needs, unified digital platforms that streamline the healthcare experience can be a game changer.

As detailed in a PYMNTS Intelligence study, users can easily manage medications, pay bills, communicate with insurers and providers, and access comprehensive coverage information, all from a single platform. This not only saves patients time but also reduces the frustration associated with navigating disparate systems.

Given these benefits, unified digital healthcare platforms have garnered interest among older generations, with approximately 65% of boomers and seniors expressing interest, per the study.

Moreover, those who have already adopted these platforms reported high levels of satisfaction with their experiences. Data indicated that 78% of baby boomers and seniors who received test results digitally expressed satisfaction, while similar levels of satisfaction were reported by those who used digital channels for healthcare-related payments or appointment scheduling, at 73% and 72%, respectively.

This positive feedback underscores the effectiveness of all-in-one healthcare platforms in meeting the needs and expectations of older demographics and consumers overall, further driving their adoption and integration into mainstream healthcare systems.

Reshaping the Healthcare Experience

In line with this growing trend, in February, Inbound Health rolled out Inbound InHome, a patient management and analytics platform designed to cater specifically to in-home advanced care needs.

The all-in-one technology platform consolidates multiple at-home services into a cohesive clinician-patient interface, promising a seamless care continuum that encompasses patient identification, real-time care delivery and biometric monitoring capabilities combining devices, wearables and in-home sensors.

For patients receiving at-home care, the platform facilitates audio, video and text communication with providers on demand via an iPad or tablet. Patients also get streamlined access to scheduled appointments and personalized care plans, enhancing both convenience and engagement in their care journey.

“Delivering effective advanced care in the home requires a platform that prioritizes flexibility, safety and simplicity for patients and their care team,” Emily Downing, a doctor and the chair of Inbound Health’s Clinical Advisory Board, said in a Feb. 21 statement, adding that “Inbound InHome is an accelerator for health systems to deliver established and innovative new care models in the home.”

Similarly, healthcare technology solutions provider Zelis announced Wednesday (March 6) the launch of SmartShopper Propel, a new member engagement tool aimed at improving healthcare experiences for members of various health plans.

SmartShopper Propel is designed to help individuals, including those covered under commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid plans, to navigate the complex healthcare landscape more effectively while increasing their satisfaction with their health plans.

At its core, the tool activates members by providing them with information on available care options based on their health plan’s goals and programs. Health plans can also monitor and track activation and use trends among their members.

“With SmartShopper Propel, we are not just presenting members with arbitrary options,” Heather Cox, president of insights and empowerment at Zelis, said in a statement. “We are partnering with health plans to help them reach their member activation goals by creating personalized engagement and incentives tailored to the unique needs of each member.”

As digital healthcare innovations advance, the integration of unified digital platforms like Inbound Home and SmartShopper Propel offer promise in simplifying the complex landscape for consumers, particularly older demographics.

As more consumers adopt these innovations, the growing interest and satisfaction rates indicate a shift in reshaping the healthcare experience.