Zuckerberg: Peloton-Like Workouts, Meetings Could Be In VR’s Future

Zuckerberg: Future Includes VR Workouts, Meetings

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he thinks virtual reality (VR) fitness subscriptions, similar to the style of Peloton, are coming in the future, CNBC reported.

“Think about it like Peloton, where you have a subscription, but instead the device is VR and you put on your headset, and you’re in this amazing environment, and you’re doing a boxing class with an instructor, or a dance class,” he said, speaking at French tech conference VivaTech Thursday (June 17), according to CNBC. “It’s quickly expanding beyond games into a bunch of other use cases, and we think that this is eventually going to be a big part of the next major computing platform after phones and after PCs.”

Zuckerberg said he doesn’t think there will be a dearth of phones or computers, but that VR will likely increase in importance, CNBC reported.

He said that could include meetings, which he said could begin to look different if VR catches on for workplaces, according to CNBC. He said having meetings via VR could become much easier as opposed to having them in person, and there might even be virtual offices where companies could have virtual conferences.

He said new software would soon be able to allow virtual meetings to happen with much more ease, CNBC reported.

Facebook has been quick to introduce advertisements to be added into its Oculus headsets.

PYMNTS reported that Facebook will test in-headset ads following the Oculus ad tests that had shown developers how to use VR applications. With the ads, Facebook said it hopes to ensure that developers revenue sources they can easily tap.

After feedback is collected on the initial apps, Facebook will look at making the ads more broadly available across the Oculus landscape.