Facebook Tests In-Headset VR Ads For Oculus

Facebook is furthering its project for virtual reality (VR) with a “small test” of in-headset ads, according to a company blog post.

This follows its Oculus announcement of ad tests, which were intended to show developers how they could use the VR applications, the post stated. Blaston from Resolution Games will be one of a select few developers beginning the in-headset tests.

The idea is to bring more people into VR and to boost the customer experience, according to the post. The company also wants to make sure developers have ways to add new revenue.

Facebook said in the post that its goal is “ensuring we’re creating a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of business models that unlock new types of content and audiences,” and to make sure the augmented reality (AR) and VR tech is accessible to the most people possible.

Right now, Facebook is only testing the ads with a few apps, according to the post. There will be feedback collected, and then the ads could become more broadly applicable across the Oculus landscape.

The innovation will come with new ways for developers to build businesses, the post added.

“While this is an early test, we’re excited by the opportunity to open up new revenue streams for developers and as a result, broaden the type of apps and content on the Oculus platform,” the post stated. “A more profitable content ecosystem is a critical step on the path to consumer VR becoming truly mainstream. And that’s something we think is worth celebrating.”

This week, Oculus owner Facebook bought BigBox VR, which made the virtual reality game “Population: One,” PYMNTS reported.

The purchase will help Big Box VR boost its social gaming experience. The company will still be able to keep its usual operations, and the “Population: One” game will still be on Discord, Reddit and other similar platforms.