DoorDash Holds Lead in Latest Aggregator Ranking

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Once again, DoorDash remains far and away the top-performing aggregator, with competitors not even coming close in this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Aggregators.

The ranking leverages a proprietary combination of publicly available information as well as app usage data to which PYMNTS has access to evaluate which aggregators are winning the game and which are falling behind.

The Top 5

Yet again, DoorDash holds fast at No. 1 with a maximum possible 100 points.

Similarly, Uber Eats still trails behind at No. 2 with 90 points, followed again by Instacart at No. 3, with the latter’s score rising from 81 to 84.

Grubhub remained at No. 4, this time as the sole fourth-place pick with a one-point increase to score 81, pulling ahead of parent company Just Eat, which fell to No. 5, with its score holding steady at 80.

The Top 10

Deliveroo was knocked down one spot to No. 6 even as its score rose two points to 79.

Swiggy, formerly tied with Deliveroo, slid down two spots to No. 7, with its score remaining constant at 77.

Zomato, also formerly tied with Deliveroo, fell three spots in the ranking down to No. 8, with its score falling four points to 73.

Glovo also fell three spots, down to No. 9, while its score remained the same at 72.

Menulog, previously tied with SkipTheDishes at No. 7, has inched out the latter with a one-point increase to 61, even as its rank decreased three spots down to No. 10, where it closes out the Top 10 ranking.

Check back next month to see which aggregators can regain their spots and which will slip even further in the next edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Aggregators.