Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps Goes on a Spree of Small Changes

shopping app

What’s better than a shopping app? Air. Maybe. See if you don’t agree after perusing this month’s latest listings to see who’s got the mobile shopping mojo.

The Top 5

Still at No. 1 — a spot it’s left footprints on it’s been there so many times — is the Shein app. Show of hands: How many of you thought it was pronounced “shine”?

At No. 2 it’s mighty Amazon, wondering how Shein does it.

Powerful Walmart is down two chart positions to a very respectable No. 3 in the rankings.

Also down — one spot in this case — is the AliExpress app, taking No. 4.

Same story with Fetch Rewards, down one chart position from last month but staying in the Top 5 power group.

The Top 10

Because these things change constantly, also drops one chart position and out of the Top 5 to No. 6.

There’s a bit of a trend forming here as the Nike app also drops a spot, taking No. 7.

Social commerce marketplace Poshmark sticks at No. 8.

Not so Etsy, down one chart position to No. 9 this cycle.

Taking us out is a not-all-that-rare three-way tie, this time at No. 10, pitting OfferUp and Adidas (already so ranked) against the eBay app, which drops a spot.

Happy shopping, friends.