Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps Is the Usual Suspects and Then Some

streaming app

Given the time billions of us devote to streaming entertainment, it’s only fitting that we should rank these services — and that we do. And the Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps is action-packed this month.

Get your popcorn and candy and let’s see who’s streaming straight to the top.

The Top 5

When Netflix is in that No. 1 spot — as it is again — it’s hard to dislodge, but it can be tied, and so it is, with YouTube, rising two spots. We just can’t decide, so we pick both.

Disney+ is “frozen” at No. 2 for another month, but always eyeing that top spot.

Also rising one spot is Spotify, moving to No. 3.

Nice to see Pluto TV up a spot to No. 4, proving that things called Pluto aren’t always at the edge of the solar system.

Amazon Prime Video takes us out of the Top 5 at No. 5, where they were when last we met.

The Top 10

What’s your favorite? Blue Bloods? The Big Bang Theory? It matters not, because the CBS app is up a spot to No. 6 so watch what you like.

Here’s an odd pairing. Tied for No. 7 this time out we’ve got Amazon Music and Hulu.

Enjoy those tied scores do you? Then feast your eyes and ears on another: Plex and Twitch each gained a spot, rising to No. 8 in tandem. It’s like a buddy comedy … but with two apps.

We heart iHeart which rises, like so many of these apps did, one spot to No. 9.

Taking us out it’s Apple Music entering the Top 10 at No. 10.

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of people being entertained.