Samsung To Launch SDK, API For Bixby

Samsung will now allow third-party developers to build apps for its smart assistant Bixby.

The company debuted its Galaxy Home smart speaker last month, which will have Bixby built in. But since it is newer than its rivals — Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa — Samsung has decided to boost Bixby’s use by opening it up to developers.

DJ Koh, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile unit, told CNBC that the company will release a software developer kit (SDK), which will allow developers to make apps with Bixby. An application programming interface (API) will enable the assistant to be integrated with other apps.

The updates will be released in November at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.

“Opening the ecosystem in November, then this baby (Bixby) will grow,” Koh said. “So I do not want to see just six months or nine months’ performance, no. Because this is like a long journey; it’s just starting because with the new Bixby embedded in the Note 9, a new baby was born.”

Koh added that Bixby will be able to learn more with developers creating apps that will allow it to grow.

Amazon opened up Alexa to outside developers last year. And in May, the eCommerce giant announced that developers can now make money by selling digital content that enhances an Alexa skill, such as game products, interactive stores and new features.

In addition to in-skill purchases, developers can make money via Alexa Developer Rewards.

“When developers build delightful skills with compelling content, customers win,” wrote Jeff Blankenburg in the blog post. “If you offer premium content, a customer can now ask to shop, buy or agree to purchase suggestions made by your skill. Customers pay using Amazon’s simple voice purchasing flow using the payment options associated with their Amazon account. You define your premium offering and price, and we handle the voice-first purchasing flow. We also provide self-service tools to manage your in-skill products and optimize their sales performance over time.”