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The Payments Authority is a not-for-profit trade association whose membership includes financial institutions, companies, municipalities and solution providers who share a common strategy… maximized business efficiencies, improved payment processes, reduced risk and cost, and increased customer satisfaction.

For more than 35 years The Payments Authority has increased the use and awareness of electronic payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), the same nationwide payments network used for Direct Deposit of payroll and Social Security benefits and Direct Payment of utilities, mortgage and insurance premiums.

b2bsynergy is a free web resource that allows payments and treasury professionals to connect with peers to share best practices, collaborate on a project, or get help solving problems. The site is designed, owned and powered by The Payments Authority.

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The Payments Authority educates payments professionals via on-demand training, face-to-face workshops, our annual payments conference, and custom in-house training. Curriculum includes a variety of payments topics including ACH, Wire Transfer, Card, BSA and AML, Risk and Compliance, AAP Prep, ACH Audit and more. Whether you are new to the ACH or a seasoned payments pro, we offer the training you need. Check out our education calendar.

The Payments Authority, as a Direct Member of NACHA, is a specially recognized and licensed provider of ACH education, publications and support. Regional Payments Associations are directly engaged in the NACHA rulemaking process and the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) program.

We understand when problems arise, you need immediate support in order to limit your risk and continue with your day-to-day payments processes. That’s why our skilled staff of Accredited ACH Professionals (AAP) are prepared to give you the answers you need as quickly as possible.  Exceeding the needs and expectations of our members via service and support is a top priority.  The Payments Authority offers membership to financial institutions and companies alike.

The Payments Authority works hard to promote electronic payments through trade show attendance, speaking engagements, radio and print advertising, etc.  Our goal is to help companies and consumers realize the safety, convenience and reliability of electronic payments.  Our promotional efforts are coordinated with those at the national level.  By participating in the annual Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Month (May) campaign, we highlight the benefits of  Direct Deposit  for  payroll, pension and Social Security benefits, and  Direct Payment  for recurring bills. Promotional tips for companies and  financial institutions.

Whether it’s assistance with interpreting the ACH Rules or promoting Direct Deposit among employees, The Payments Authority’s team of professionals is always ready to help a member in need. The benefits of membership are enjoyed by financial institutions and companies alike.

The ACH network continues to experience tremendous growth. This level of success is attributed to the work being done at the national and local level. Financial institutions and companies actively contribute to the growth of ACH, both individually and as members of this Electronic Payments Association – The Payments Authority.