eCom 301: Exam Results

Once again, we’ve reached the end of a course, and it’s time for a quiz. The results we report out to the group will be collective – a measure of what everyone is thinking.

Question 1: Which value chain participant has been the most important in driving change in the eCommerce marketplace?


a) Merchant (75%)

b) Gateway provider/ checkout solution manager (25%)

c) Acquirer (0%)

d) Issuer (0%)


Question 2: Why is eCommerce so fascinating for the general payments marketplace?


a) Industry observers love to focus on the margin, rather than the core, of the business (0%)

b) Although the segment is only 5% of the ~$8T consumer spend, it is growing fast enough to be a significant portion in the near future (50%)

c) Innovation in the space has been significant (50%)

d) Valuations of eCom companies have trended much higher than their share of the business would justify, exciting investors (0%)


Question 3: How did processors who won business in the eCom space evolve their approach to do so?


a) Ruthless pricing (0%)

b) Alternative routing accommodation (12%)

c) Customized merchant solutions (75%)

d) Marketing (13%)


Question 4: How has the network effect driven the adoption of checkout functions?


a) Attract participants by providing convenient checkout (37%)

b) Drive Interactions by facilitating commerce (25%)

c) Add value by maximizing discounts from merchants (13%)

d) Maximize profits from converting browsing to buying (25%)


Question 5: What are the two most important evolutionary trends driving the growth and adoption of checkout management functions?


a) Browse and buy (50%)

b) Alias management and deposit access (12%)

c) Open platforms and developer communities (38%)

d) Tastes great and less filling (0%)