eCommerce Upset: Most Americans Still Prefer In-Store Experience

Despite the massive gains made in mobile and online commerce over the past few years, nearly 60 percent of Americans still prefer in-store shopping.

That’s just one statistic unearthed by a recent Ispos study that polled consumers from 24 countries about their in-store, online and mobile shopping habits. Some of the stats – young people buy online more – are not surprising. Others – China is the most eCommerce friendly nation – are.

We cover what you need to know in this Data Point. 

Men Are From Mars, Women Shop Online

Women are 25 percent more likely to favor online shopping than are men by a tally of 66 percent to 53 percent. Their also happier with their choices, as nearly two-third of women gave in-store purchases a 5-star rating, compared to just over half of all men. Men are more likely to make mobile purchases too, out-buying women 10 percent to 3 percent on smartphones and 5 percent to 2 percent on tablets.

Online, The Good Shop Young

The study showed that younger consumers are most likely to shop via eCommerce than are their elder counterparts. Forty-eight percent of consumers in the 18-34 group favor eCommerce with, 32 percent preferring shopping on computers, 11 percent opt for smartphones and 5 percent go for tablets. Comparatively, only 44 percent of the 35-49 set and 29 percent of the 50-64 group preferred online or mobile means.

In-Store Shopping Rises In The East

Among the 24 countries surveyed, some interesting patterns emerged from Eastern nations. Half of Chinese respondents said they would rather purchase on a computer than via any other method – the highest instance from any country. Saudi Arabians finished last with just 12 percent preferring desktop shopping. In India, 15 percent said they prefer tablet purchases, which is good for three times the global average. And in South Korea, over one-third (36 percent) of respondents prefer smartphone shopping to in-store, online or tablet buying.

To see more shopping preference stats, view the full story here.

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