PayPal Announces International Logistics Solution For Chinese eCommerce Providers

PayPal has announced its intent to simplify international logistics for China-based online merchants looking to tap foreign markets, a December 23 blog post indicated.

At the heart of the new initiative is an agreement with Beijing Post, one of the country's largest postal providers. The two companies have teamed up to create PayPal Package, an international logistics solution that allows merchants to track online orders.

The move brings China's eCommerce merchants under the protection of PayPal's seller policies. Further, PayPal Package aims to cut deliver times to the U.S. and Europe, which can now take 10 to 20 days, the company says.

"At PayPal we’re always looking for practical innovations which make shopping better for both merchants and consumers, and we we’re pretty confident that PayPal Package does just that," the company wrote in its post.

PayPal Package follows a host of similar initiatives that aim to better the company's customer experience. For more on PayPal's mobile consumer payment improvements, read Karen Webster's full analysis here.

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