UK Shops Trial PayPal's “Check In” mPayments App

PayPal announced that various shops in Richmond and London are now testing its mobile payments technology that allows customers to pay with their first name and photo, reported Finextra.

The solution is dubbed "Check In," and is accessible through Android, iOS and Windows mobile apps. Shops and restaurants that accept PayPal can facilitate these payments.

Customers need to check in by selecting the retailer on the app, and can pay by sliding a pin down. After checking in, the users name and photo will pop on the shop's checkout system. Shops can then charge shoppers by clicking on the image, and once the transaction is complete the customer will receive a mobile alert that contains an e-mail receipt.

"This is another step on the journey towards a wallet-less high street, where customers will be able to leave their wallet or purse at home and pay using their phone or tablet. We predict that by 2016 this will become a reality," said Rob Harper, head of retail services at PayPal.

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