Apple Pay

Digital River Says Yes To Apple Pay

Digital River, a commerce-as-a-service vendor, on Wednesday (Oct. 1) said that it would support Apple Pay on its mPOS line.

“Today’s merchants are looking for support for emerging payments beyond magnetic stripe,” said Souheil Badran, senior vice president and general manager of Digital River World Payments. “With support for Apple Pay as well as contactless and PIN-debit payments, Digital River World Payments’ mPOS solution will offer a fast, secure and cost-effective alternative for entry into mobile payments.”

Badran added that Apple Pay has particularly large potential benefits for smaller merchants. “Mobility is an important strategy for small and medium-sized businesses. For these merchants, Digital River’s mPOS solution will simplify the entire payment process by providing them more choices for payment methods as well as an open platform for integrating third-party loyalty programs, offers and self-checkout capabilities,” he said. “The mPOS solution brings secure big box capabilities without the price tag or complexity.”

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