Nutanix Not the Only News for Unicorns

In news that surrounded unicorns over the past week, not all was confined to Nutanix and its spectacular debut via IPO, when shares were up 130 percent. The other headlines may have been less prevalent but bear watching nonetheless.

In one bout of negative press, the meal kit company Blue Apron is under scrutiny after reports surfaced in Buzzfeed News that the firm has been beset by workplace violence and unsafe working conditions tied to operations based in California.  There have also been fines levied by Osha, said BuzzFeed.

Separately, Coupa Software priced an IPO above expectations (and the top end of $16 a share), but the real jump dame as the cloud based spending management firm saw shares at $39 intraday more than doubling.

In the continued battle for online sales in India, Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal all said that discount sales have been strong this past month.  Flipkart said that it had seen $210 million in online sales in a single day.  The firm is also likely to get a bit of a boost from articles in the financial press that Walmart is likely to take  a stake in the firm.

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