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Nuance Rolls Out AI Biometric Security Tools

Nuance Communications announced Thursday (May 18) a new suite of biometric security tools, driven by innovations in artificial intelligence.

In a press release, the company said the new Nuance Security Suite includes not only voice biometrics technology, but facial and behavioral biometrics that combine to provide advanced protection against fraud, across customer service channels.

“Already this year, around the world, some 150 million people have made more than one billion successful voice authentications using Nuance biometrics technology, with not one reported act of fraud,” said Brett Beranek, director, Product Strategy, Biometric Security at Nuance, in a press release announcing the new tools. “We have been leading this market for many years and across many industries. By adding facial and behavioral biometrics to our portfolio, we are delivering more options for our enterprise customers, more convenience for their customers and more protection for everyone.”

Nuance said that by combining a range of physical, behavioral and digital characteristics to provide secure authentication and more accurately detect fraud across multiple channels — from the phone to the Web, mobile apps and more — Nuance’s new Security Suite allows enterprises to attack fraud head-on, while at the same time offer an improved customer experience. Among the attributes of the new tools is improved synthetic speech detection capabilities, to the tune of a 45 percent to 55 percent improvement in synthetic speech detection.

The company said its research organization will continue to stay focused and invested in improving this core technology. The new security suite also improves security and customer experience over traditional methods of authentication — such as simple user names and passwords — and reduces the risk of hacking and data breaches, with a multi-modal, biometric approach. By eliminating the need to remember or manage complex password systems and enabling layered biometric authentication across channels, Nuance said its tools enable even the highest risk transactions to be performed with ease.

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