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Report: Anthropic to Give AI Chatbot Claude Image Analysis Capabilities

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Artificial intelligence startup Anthropic is reportedly working on a new feature for its chatbot Claude that would enable it to analyze images. 

Although Anthropic has not publicly discussed this new feature, a review of the company’s website code using Chrome developer tools has revealed unpublished wording related to image analysis, Bloomberg reported Tuesday (Jan. 17). 

Anthropic did not immediately reply to PYMNTS’ request for comment. 

The text found by Bloomberg suggests that users will be able to engage with Claude about images and ask image-related questions, according to the report. 

It also provides prompts for users to request information about buildings by specific architects, generate ad copy for products, or analyze economic predictions in charts, the report said. 

Currently, Claude can only respond to text commands and analyze text-based documents, per the report. 

The development of image analysis for the chatbot is seen as an effort to broaden the appeal of the product and catch up with larger competitors in the AI chatbot market, according to the report. 

Currently, popular AI chatbots like GoogleBard and OpenAIChatGPT already possess image analysis capabilities, allowing them to perform tasks like identifying objects in photos, comparing images and describing artwork, the report said. 

Anthropic unveiled its latest AI chatbot, Claude 2, in July, saying it has improved performance and longer responses. The company described it at the time as a “friendly, enthusiastic colleague or personal assistant who can be instructed in natural language to help you with many tasks.” 

In September, Anthropic introduced a paid plan dubbed “Claude Pro” that offers subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom five times more usage of the AI assistant. 

Compared to the free tier, the paid plan also offers the ability to send more messages, priority access to the AI assistant during periods of high traffic, and early access to new features. 

On Dec. 26, PYMNTS reported that Anthropic predicted revenues of more than $850 million in 2024 and that some sources close to the company believe it could reach $1 billion in annualized revenue. 

That news came days after it was reported that the company was in talks to raise $750 million. 

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