Today In B2B Payments: Agreement Express CFO Talks Leading By Example; REPAY Acquires Kontrol Payables

Today in B2B payments, Agreement Express’ CFO talks leading modernization by example, and REPAY makes an accounts payable acquisition. Plus, Labviva discusses healthcare procurement, MoonPay invests in BCB Group and Finstro expands its trade credit operations to the U.S.

Agreement Express CFO: B2B Finance Chiefs Must Lead By Example

Healthcare Procurement Takes The Vantage Point Of The Scientist

The pandemic was a wake-up call to the healthcare industry regarding the importance of resilient supply chains. Siamak Baharloo, CEO and co-founder of Labviva, tells PYMNTS why procure-to-pay technology must hold the viewpoint of procurement leaders as well as researchers and scientists to tackle friction.

REPAY Buys Kontrol Payables To Grow AP Automation Business

MoonPay Gets Stake In Crypto Business Account Firm BCB Group

BCB Group, a B2B company that provides banking rails to digital currency firms, has teamed with digital currency payments platform MoonPay for a strategic collaboration, CoinDesk reported on Tuesday (June 22). MoonPay will get a “sizable” share of BCB Group with the collaboration, although particulars of the arrangement involving the two U.K.-headquartered establishments were not made known.

Finstro Ready To Expand B2B Credit Work To US

Australia’s Finstro, which works in trade and credit solutions for B2B commerce, is ready to expand in the U.S. with new card and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tech as the company boosts its global team by 25 percent, a press release said on Tuesday (June 22). The company has been operating in Asia and Europe. The release said Finstro will work to put out a card and ERP solution to help with risk, cash flow and the hurdles with client onboarding that come up in buyer and supplier relations.