Century Business, Riston Team On B2B Credit Card Processing

Century Business Solutions has announced a partnership with Riston Financial Service Group, an accounting and bookkeeping firm, to allow for credit card processing in QuickBooks, a press release announced.

Century Business Solutions has developed a new payment integration for QuickBooks that will use Century’s EBizCharge gateway to offer credit card processing for thousands of merchants nationwide. The service allows merchants to process cards directly from QuickBooks.

The EBizCharge payment gateway aims to reduce processing fees by submitting line-item details straight to the bank, the release stated. It also allows users to run custom reports, sort through transactions via category and instantly release funds when refunds are needed. Via the partnership, the two companies plan to “streamline workflow, eliminate double data entry and make payment processing more efficient within QuickBooks,” according to the release.

“This partnership will allow for seamless and efficient processing, making it easier for clients to pay us and collect quickly,” said Shaquille Riston, owner at Riston Financial Service Group.

SYSPRO Vice President Alliances Sanjay Ejantkar thinks B2B firms need to take more of an initiative with payment processing, and believes that many of them often take the first thing that comes along rather than thinking through which technologies and payment methods they utilize. That can lead to gaps in service and capabilities, he said, particularly the oft-idiosyncratic nature of the B2B space.

According to Ejantkar, many companies could utilize more data integration and tokenization to help with challenging B2B scenarios, such as recurring billing, deposits and payment terms of trade promotions. He said there’s still not a lot of commercial card acceptance, with customers being hit with surcharges as companies look to jump on credit card processing.

In addition, SYSPRO announced integrated card processing in its ERP in July.