VARStreet Releases WorksLeader To Expand B2B Market Penetration

VARStreet unveiled a product offering called WorksLeader that the company described as a subscription-based business-management platform for value-added resellers.

“Our continued success amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to the commitment we share with our customers,” VARStreet Director Shiv Agarwal said in a prepared statement. “Going into 2021 we have launched WorksLeader. It is an attempt to go global empowering B2B resellers with the right technology to boost their efficiency.”

WorksLeader’s components, according to VARStreet’s announcement, include software to generate sales quotes, CRM offerings and inventory management.

“WorksLeader is built on new-age technology powered by top security measures to provide high-performance and great experience to the (value-added resellers),” Agarwal added. “It is going to give a new direction to the overall vision and would help us cater to more customers globally.”

Burlington, MA-based VARStreet has offered products since 1999. The company has received about $20 million in investments, according to the company, and has a subsidiary in Pune, India.

In March 2021, VARStreet announced an integration with SAP that VARStreet stated involves, among other features, synchronization of data involving customers, shipping, billing, products, inventory and pricing.

Agarwal said in a prepared statement at the time: “These integrations increase the efficiency of the sales process and provide VARStreet users who also use SAP a best-in-class experience by seamlessly connecting business-critical applications and allowing them to focus on what matters most, which is increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and growth.”

According to VARStreet, its business-management platform also integrates with companies and products including: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Great Plains, Nav, NetSuite, Oracle, Connectwise, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Zoho and DocuSign.