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iProov Earns First FIDO Certification for Face Biometric Verification

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Identity verification provider iProov says its biometric tool has achieved a notable milestone.

The science powering that tool, iProov’s Dynamic Liveness Solution, is the first to receive the new global certification on face biometric identity verification from industry association the FIDO Alliance, iProov said in a Thursday (June 6) news release.

“This program is the premier certification to assess the performance and usability of remote identity verification systems based on facial biometrics,” the company said in the release.

“In a rigorous process conducted by Ingenium Biometrics, a FIDO face verification accredited lab, which consisted of no less than 10,000 tests, iProov’s Dynamic Liveness achieved a flawless success record with no attacks passing the system.”

Amid an explosion of digital identity verification — driven by the worldwide digital transformation — FIDO is working to help organizations to make informed decisions when selecting biometric identity verification solutions and ensure access to digital services for everyone, iProov said.

“For the first time, governments and enterprises worldwide can rely on an industry-recognized, large-scale biometric performance standard and certification program,” said Andrew Bud, founder and CEO of iProov.

“Finally, they can specify and procure biometrics with presentation attack liveness defenses with confidence in a third-party benchmark.”

As PYMNTS wrote last month, one of the newest frontiers in the continuing evolution of payments is using biometric information for authentication, where someone’s very characteristics — fingerprints, facial features or iris patterns — are used to authorize transactions securely and safely.

“Biometric authentication, while it exists for other aspects of our lives, is not a huge thing at this stage for payments — but as far as payments goes, it is the future,” Marc Hopkins, vice president at E-Complish, said in an interview with PYMNTS.

And even though biometric authentication for payments isn’t yet omnipresent, the technology is set to reshape how consumers interact with the payment ecosystem as well as the daily transactions that make up their everyday lives.

“The ability for a customer to go buy a cup of coffee and not have to have to whip out their phone or their wallet, to simply just place their finger and scan to process a payment is ideal,” Hopkins said.

“We currently are pretty much a cashless society, so you can think of bio payments as making us a cardless and eventually phoneless society,” he said.