The Race To The Faster Payments Finish Line In The US

It’s been said that as many as 29 billion transactions could potentially benefit from a move to real-time delivery.

Which has naturally motivated a number of stakeholders to evaluate the best way to speed up payments within the U.S., without sacrificing security and functionality.

Payments in 2015 was dominated by a resolve to make payments swift, secure and seamless.

But where will we stand when we look back on 2016?

The PYMNTS Faster Payments TrackerTM, powered by NACHA, is your go-to resource for staying up to date on a month-by-month basis and will highlight the contribution of different stakeholders, including institutions and technology coming together to make this happen.

This month’s issue will give you the need-to-know information on the players that moved the ball down the faster payments field in 2015 – and will shape how things will evolve over the coming months and years:

NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association
The Clearing House
The Federal Reserve of United States

Download the tracker here.