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Siena Raises $4.7 Million for Customer Service-Focused Autonomous AI Solution

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Siena has raised $4.7 million to continue building its autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) solution for customer service.

The company’s solution, Siena AI, already autonomously handles up to 80% of customer interactions across 100 languages and channels that include email, text, social direct messages (DMs) and comments, Siena Co-founder and CEO Andrei Negrau said in a Thursday (Nov. 16) blog post.

“Six months after launching, Siena is already as effective, if not better, than some of our customers’ #1 human agent,” Negrau said in the post.

Siena is designed to be an embedded agent within a company’s help desk, according to the post. It was built with AI Personas that can speak in a brand’s unique voice and style, the ability to take all the required steps to get the job done, and a decision-making capacity that lets it find the best solution to problems encountered in customer service.

It has created “a new standard where businesses can rely on AI to hold meaningful conversations with customers and offer them real solutions — as effectively as a human agent,” Negrau said in the post.

Companies that have deployed Siena have reported results that include 79% of support tickets automated, 60% drop in first response time and 45% drop in resolution time, according to the post. They have also reported a boost in revenue because the autonomous AI solution answers pre-sale questions and converts shoppers who browse online.

Looking ahead, the company will soon announce its roadmap with new AI products that expand its capabilities and will launch a learning hub to help teams integrate AI into their customer service workflows, per the post.

“Siena is already transforming the everyday lives of customer service teams and consumers alike by handling conversations so naturally people think they are interacting with a human,” Negrau said in the post. “But it’s just the beginning. Our recent funding enables us to continue pushing the boundaries by making empathic AI the very backbone of modern CX [customer experience].”

Generative AI is changing the nature and quality of how consumers interact with brands, PYMNTS reported in June. With its ability to detect emotion, offer advice and complete transactions, the technology is bringing customer service to its next horizon.