LTK Says Everybody Wants to Become a Creator, but Is That a Good Thing?

Everybody Wants to Be a Creator, but Is That a Good Thing?

The urge to play “creator” has spread like wildfire through our culture.

People from all walks of life are itching to share their stories, skills and perspectives with a global audience either full time or through a side hustle. However, as the influx of creators continues to surge, the industry finds itself at the crossroads of saturation, leaving us to ponder if the trend is built to last.

The democratization of content creation has empowered individuals to become storytellers, artists and influencers in their own right. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and others provide accessible avenues for expression, enabling people to showcase their creativity and connect with diverse audiences. The allure of being a creator lies in the potential for self-expression, building communities and turning a passion into a viable career.

It also provides an opportunity for people to make money. According to PYMNTS, one-third of Generation Zers have looked to side gigs to bolster their financial security. But as more individuals embrace the role of creators, the industry faces the challenge of oversaturation. Despite the saturation, the power of influence remains a driving force in the creator economy.

Influencers, by definition, possess the ability to shape opinions, preferences and behaviors within their audiences. Brands and retailers recognize the potency of influencer marketing as a tool to reach target demographics authentically. Creators, with their engaged followings, become valuable partners in promoting products and services, providing a bridge between brands and consumers.

Creator platform LTK said it observed a 70% surge in applications from creators in the United Kingdom in the past year.

Can Oversaturation Impact Sales?

LTK Creators play a role in generating over 3.24 billion British pounds (about $4.1 billion) in annual sales for thousands of global brands, LTK said.

As per a shopper study undertaken by LTK, most shoppers now make purchases from creators, with 73% of Gen Z, 69% of millennials and 57% of the general population participating. In the U.K., 55% of Londoners and 42% of the entire British population have made a purchase via a creator.

Creators have gained higher trust among consumers compared to social media ads and celebrities, the company said. Globally, brands have allocated over 2 billion British pounds (about $2.5 billion) in investments to LTK Creators through the platform.

This is notable for brands and retailers as consumers these days are known to be more hesitant to spend.

LTK Looks to Deepen Creator Relationships With Brands

Earlier this month, LTK unveiled a new artificial intelligence solution, designed to assist brands in identifying and selecting creators for their marketing campaigns.

LTK Match.AI also aids creators in enhancing their visibility and boosting their earnings prospects, the company said.

“Our new AI software not only streamlines the process of casting creators but also significantly enhances the potential earnings and performance for both creators and brands,” LTK President and Co-founder Amber Venz Box said in a statement Dec. 12.

The new AI software uses LTK’s data about creators, brands and shoppers from various publishing platforms. It matches creators with brands to achieve the best results.

By looking at both past and current data on how well products perform, LTK Match.AI examines the products and categories that creators are promoting through LTK. It figures out which creators are doing well marketing products and brands to their audiences. Then, it gives personalized suggestions for collaborations between brands and creators.

Brands can use these recommendations to uncover new creators and enhance the effectiveness and reach of their influencer marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, for creators, the AI software suggests collaborations that yield the highest earnings and expands the chances of receiving offers from new brands.

“LTK Match.AI is a major step in how we are developing AI and machine learning to advance the industry,” Box said in the statement. “This isn’t just about making connections; it’s about crafting the future of digital marketing where every creator-brand match is a step toward greater success and impact.”

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