David’s Bridal Plays Long Game to Weddings by Targeting Proms

David’s Bridal store

David’s Bridal, a big player in wedding attire since 1950, has faced challenges over the years. In 2018, it filed for bankruptcy to handle debts and adapt to industry shifts. After overcoming that, the company faced more problems when the pandemic delayed weddings and changed consumer demand. In April, the company filed for bankruptcy again.

Then CION Investment stepped in, buying the company’s assets and restructuring to help David’s Bridal make a comeback.

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Now, having emerged from bankruptcy, David’s Bridal is seeking new avenues to attract consumers, and on Wednesday (Jan. 3) announced a promotion targeting high school students preparing for prom. The retailer’s approach, however, goes beyond providing attractive deals; David’s Bridal aims to harness its loyalty program to cultivate a lasting customer base among these teens.

Through an expansion of the retailer’s Diamond Prom Loyalty Program, juniors gain access to special discounts on dresses, accessories and alterations, available exclusively at David’s Bridal. Specifically, members can get a $20 discount on any Juniors dress and a 10% reduction on accessories when bought together. Also, members can earn a 10% discount on alterations, usable after the initial purchase.

“We are so excited to be rewarding our junior members in all the ways we do our brides and bridesmaids,” David’s Bridal President, Brand, Technology, and Finance Kelly Cook said in the announcement. “After the remarkable success of Diamond Prom last year, it was a no-brainer to bring back the program with additional offers as we head into prom season. We can’t wait to see how our junior occasion customers show off their personalities through our stunning collection of dresses, as they take advantage of the unmatched benefits of our loyalty program.”

The Long Game  

Expanding David’s Bridal loyalty program to include high school students, particularly with discounts on prom dresses, is a strategic move that aims not only to establish brand loyalty early on but to also create a long-term customer relationship that can extend to future bridal purchases.

By offering discounts on prom dresses, David’s Bridal has an opportunity to position itself as the go-to destination for these young customers. This not only boosts brand awareness among high school students but also generates a positive association with David’s Bridal as a reliable and affordable option for special occasions.

The loyalty program fosters a sense of connection and attachment between the brand and this young audience. High schoolers who engage with the loyalty program for their prom needs are more likely to view David’s Bridal as their preferred choice for future special occasions, including weddings. The discounts and perks offered through the loyalty program act as incentives for these customers to stay loyal to the brand throughout different life stages.

Furthermore, by establishing a relationship with these customers early in their lives, David’s Bridal gains a unique opportunity to influence their choices when it comes to bridal wear in the future. As these teens transition into adulthood and eventually plan their weddings, the brand loyalty built during their high school years may lead them back to David’s Bridal when they are ready to shop for bridal gowns.

The expansion of the loyalty program not only secures short-term business by catering to prom-goers but also lays the groundwork for long-term customer loyalty. It’s a forward-thinking strategy that acknowledges the customer journey and capitalizes on the emotional significance of events like prom, creating a bond with the customer. In essence, David’s Bridal is investing in the future by cultivating a relationship with potential brides early on.

Loyalty Appeal 

To date, the retailer claims to have over 2 million members and according to Cook, who spoke to PYMNTS in November, the Diamond loyalty program has become a favorite.

“Brides and bridesmaids trust us because we care about them and their entire experience, and we have the track record to back it up: We have never missed a dress or an event. In our 70-year history, we have dressed more than 70 million women for the best and most memorable moments of their lives, and we expect to be dressing millions more for decades to come,” Cook told PYMNTS.