Egyptian B2B eCommerce Shipper ShipBlu Partners With Location Tech Provider What3words

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Egyptian eCommerce shipping company ShipBlu is partnering with what3words, a location technology company, to help ensure shipping accuracy and efficiency, the companies announced in a press release Sunday (June 5).

The partnership will see shoppers able to provide their what3words address at checkout. Per the release, this will cut out the need for phone calls asking for addresses or “nearby landmarks” to assess the accuracy of a shipment, allowing customers to do things faster and more efficiently.

ShipBlu will also be able to cut the total daily travel time for couriers and allow for cutting vehicle emissions and improving traffic in Egypt. The release said ShipBlu wants to become Egypt’s greenest logistics platform.

All of this comes as consumer expectations have been rising, with businesses working in the new on-demand economy having to meet them or fall behind.

In Egypt, one big issue is communicating the right delivery locations, which what3words solves through dividing the globe into a grid and giving each location a unique word combination to find where it is.

“Our mission is to leverage technology to provide the most reliable and enjoyable shipping experience in the market, one that both shoppers and merchants can look forward to,” Ali Nasser, CEO and co-founder of ShipBlu, said in the release. “Our partnership with what3words allows us to do so while leading the way to more efficient and environmentally-conscious operations.

“I am confident that other providers will see the value in our approach, and together we can really launch this technology across the entire logistics industry in Egypt.”

In other Egyptian business news, retail tech company Cartona will be working alongside multinational consumer goods company Unilever to add more offerings for the marketplace’s base of retailers, suppliers and distributors.

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Cartona’s goal is to digitize Egypt’s mostly offline trade system.

Through the partnership, Unilever will be able to access Cartona’s 60,000-strong retailer network, while Cartona customers will be able to access Unilever products more easily.