Paymentus Adds Payment Options to Yardi’s Property Management Software

Property managers can now access Paymentus’ electronic billing and payment solution through the Yardi Voyager platform.

This ability follows Yardi’s designation of Paymentus as a fully qualified Yardi Standard Interface Vendor, Paymentus said in a Tuesday (Jan. 16) press release.

Yardi provides software solutions for all types of real estate companies, while Paymentus offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) billing and payment solutions that are used by more than 1,900 billers and financial institutions across North America, according to the release.

“Across every marketplace in which we operate, including property management, consumers are adopting modern, real-time payment methods faster than any other payment method,” Dushyant Sharma, founder and CEO of Paymentus, said in the release.

“With the average household juggling 15 bills every month, offering a simplified and streamlined bill pay experience, with more payment options, is about more than just convenience — it is a business imperative.”

With access to the Paymentus solution, residents can make instant payments using PayPal, Venmo and other digital wallets, digitized cash, web, mobile, pay by phone and pay by text, according to the release.

For property managers, the solution provides up-to-the-minute payment status via real-time posting and reporting, the release said. They can also monitor payment methods and data across multiple properties via a simplified, single reporting view.

In addition, property managers can automate rent and fee notifications and remainders, per the release.

“Payment optionality and functionality drive positive payment behaviors,” Sharma said in the release.

PYMNTS Intelligence has found that many consumers are seeking a single, inclusive and convenient platform to view and pay their bills.

Consumers primarily rely on billers’ websites and bank payment systems for bill payment, with two-thirds of them preferring biller’s websites, according to “Why Holistic Bill Payment Experiences Will Win the Payment Platform War,” a PYMNTS and Paymentus collaboration.

In another recent collaboration, Paymentus teamed with real estate software solutions supplier MRI Software in October to meet the growing demand for digital payment options. That partnership aims to streamline rental property utility payments by expanding the utility billing and payment capabilities available to MRI clients.