PYMNTS Provider Ranking Rates Top Shopping Apps Defining Retail


The PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps showcases the top-performing apps transforming the shopping experience.

This month, there are four ties, and Shein finds itself back in first place.

The Top 5

Shein remains at No. 1 with a score of 96, two points higher than last month.

No. 2 is Amazon with a score of 94.

Knocked down to No. 3 is Walmart with a score of 93, unchanged from last month.

Gaining a spot at No. 4 is Nike with a new score of 89, which is two more points than the previous month.

There’s a tie at No. 5 between and AliExpress Shopping App, which were knocked down a few slots and both scored 88.

The Top 10

No. 6 is another tie, this time between Target and newcomer Home Depot, which both scored 76.

eBay and Poshmark hold down No. 7, scoring 75.

No. 8 has two contenders with a score of 74, Adidas, which remains in the same spot as last month, and OfferUp which climbed up.

Scoring 73 is Fetch Rewards at No. 9.

IKEA climbs up to No. 10 with a score of 69.