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Why Facebook Could Care Less About Payments

There are 2 billion people connected through the Facebook platform, which means it’s pretty much earned its moniker as the internet’s public square. However, whether it really knows how to manage that public square, and the best way to monetize it, remains to be seen. But keeping up with consumers is far from Facebook’s problem alone: Car makers, retailers and underwriters are all scrambling to hit that digital reset button to better meet consumers’ needs. That is particularly true when it comes to payments, where having the right solution ready to go is, at the moment, a valuable proposition.


2.19 billion: The approximate number of active users reported by Facebook.

$3: The amount Facebook Business charges per month per customer.

6 million: The approximate number of cars coming off of leases in the next 12 months.

40,000: The number of drivers Uber signed up for its car leasing program in the three years before selling.

14.2 percent: Share of stocks Adyen’s existing shareholders are expected to sell in the firm’s IPO next week.