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Today In Data: The Challenges Of Finding And Protecting Value

The Challenges of Finding and Protecting Value

In recent years, the payments and commerce ecosystem has been about the finding new value – and then finding ways to protect it. It’s why Amazon is taking back Whole Foods delivery from Instacart, the multiple billion-dollar brand built for bringing groceries to consumers’ front doors. It’s why the race to fight back the fraudsters, and level up compliance, is always ongoing as cybercriminals keep slipping off with ill-gotten gains. Value creation is always happening – but when it comes to benefits from the value created, that race remains ongoing.


$100 billion: The estimated worth of digital supermarket sales by 2025.

$7.6 billion: Instacart’s valuation as of its last funding round.

£100 million: The amount lost to fraud in the U.K. in the first six months of 2018 alone.

75 percent: Share of money laundering accounts in the U.K. that are tied to short “distances” between the capturing, moving and, ultimately, the using of funds.

50 percent: Share of firms and CCOs that are using technology in compliance efforts.